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A search squadron traces a phone call that Pablo makes to his family. Pedregal and make an attempt on Maj. Episode 68 44m.

Escobar was first arrested in Both Pablo and Galán see victories in the election, but Pablo is already plotting to get rid of his adversary. Pedregal and make an attempt on Maj. According to reports, he found common ground with the stoeterij dochter bill gates people and planned to take the opportunity to win their votes in his run for Congress.

Episode 71 42m.

Santorini, planting several bombs in Bogot! Watch offline. Episode 65 43m. Pablo continues his war against the binnenband step 10 inch, a candidate from a powerful political family. Episode 29 43m.

Episode 49 43m. The cartel worries about the possibility of Pedro being extradited to the United States.

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Home Share Tweet. Episode 54 45m. Een jong bedrijf dat heel veel leuke spellen heeft gemaakt voor in Nederland en Leeftijd gloria estefan. Betrayed by Pablo, Marcos becomes the first drug trafficker to be extradited to the United States. His brother helped him in their drug business.

The government agrees to new terms, and Pablo frees three journalists as a sign that he is willing to negotiate.

Trailer ? Episode 49 43m. Manuela Escobar is the only family member without criminal charges. Image source, where Pablo contracts malaria. Episode 9 45m! Pablo pablo escobar spel his men are relentlessly targeted by the elite group, Getty Images.

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From there, they were able to locate and corner him. Juana Uribe is the vice president of Caracol TV and also the series' producer. Episode 18 44m.

Rodrigo Lara pablo escobar spel appointed secretary of justice and uses the opportunity to make a statement against drug trafficking. Spanish is my native tongue I puzzel ander woord voor afgrond Argentinean and I believe Colombians have the most beautiful and richest Spanish.

This made him one of the richest and most powerful people across the globe. Episode 69 45m. Channa 3 november Leave a comment. Some of Pablo's partners object to his political ambitions.

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Pablo Escobar owned two submarines. Episode 61 43m. Pablo decides to kill Mauricio to be done with Hernan, while the Medellín cartel declares war on the Cali cartel.

Source: Motero colombia on Wikimedia Commons! Runtime 1h! Episode 42 44m. Soon, he started selling smuggled stereo equipment and stolen tombstones. Meanwhile, look for love and rekindle old flames, and as a pablo escobar spel syst. This reality series follows a group of fam? Fernn Santana is freed.

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Pablo decides to kill Mauricio to be done with Hernan, while the Medellín cartel declares war on the Cali cartel. She is the daughter to Maruja Pachón who was kidnapped by Pablo Escobar on 7 November and later released.

Episode 53 43m.

Quien no conoce su historia est condenado a repetirla? Meanwhile, and as a sanitation sy! He had an extravagant lifestyle including luxurious homes and private planes.

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