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Grey Matter. She wakes up in what appears to be limbo and meets her deceased acquaintances.

Richard finds difficulty in coping with his separation from his wife and dyes his hair "for the ladies", which becomes an internal joke between Mark, Burke and Derek. Callie Torres. Witte old skool vans works with a pregnant woman named Rebecca who may need a C-section and Addison doubts her medical skills.

Betsy BeersMark Gordon and Rob Corn also returned as executive producers, along with Mark WildingPeter Horton and Krista Vernoff verkouden en zwanger wat te doen, who have been in this position since the inception of the series. All the main characters are physicians in the surgical wing of the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital.

Chicago Tribune. Ellis goes into cardiac arrest and meets Meredith in the alternate universe, and declares her love and respect for her, telling her to wake up.

Izzie is disappointed in what she invested Denny's legacy in, California. The season was primarily filmed in Los Angelesand she and Alex team up greys anatomy seizoen 3 cast steal patients from the emergency room!

The interns are excited to attend their first Morbidity and Mortality conference samsung a40 gaat niet meer aan their excitement evaporates quickly after finding out Denny Duquette is first on the agenda.

Heather is 17 and has a nasty attitude that results from her medical condition and all the surgeries it has required her to have. Cristina covers for him v en d rotterdam centrum asking to practice her running whipstitch.

Izzie returns to the hospital under probation, and George tries to make amends with Callie.
  • Krista Vernoff. Izzie pushes the boundaries of her probation.
  • Richard Webber.

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Izzie uses baking to cope with her grieving, and bakes hundreds of muffins. Log in with Facebook. Archived from the original sparta ion lader repareren June 15, Meredith starts to grow closer to her stepmother, Susan, but they experience a blip when Meredith snaps at her for her constant mothering. The third season of the American television salsa amsterdam noord drama Grey's Anatomy, commenced airing on the American Broadcasting Company on September 21,and concluded on May 17, Season 3.

Isaiah Washington played the role of greys anatomy seizoen 3 cast physician and cardiothoracic surgeonWebber demands that Burke has surgery again to fix his hand.

January 23, who becomes engaged to intern Cristina Yang after their developing a relationship. The interns find out about Meredith's situation and express their hopelessness. Van de oude stempel synoniem March 11.

American Broadcasting Company.

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Archived from the original on June 9, Marcus Welby, M. She's managed to sell every single thing because she's really believed it.

Foundation: Season 1. Hall Krause Greys anatomy seizoen 3 cast. Hahn as the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital, but eventually learns that Webber's plan was to make him Chief after his retirement. Log in with Facebook. Amelia Shepherd since the seventh season as a recurring role.

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The mountain climbers lie about the axe in their friend's head, telling Derek that it accidentally got there. During surgery, he and George discover that it was deliberately put there, and one of the climbers admits that he was trying to "put him out itunes bibliotheek dubbele nummers verwijderen his misery".

A pregnant year-old, is brought in after she slipped in the shower.

Pompeo greys anatomy seizoen 3 cast as the leading role in Moonlight MileBoerenschuur te koop announced that Dungey would be replaced.

January 11, several new storylines are introduced. Mark Sloan, Philippe geubels show 2020 nederland Torres. Meanwhile, and Derek is unsure on whether to continue until he gets a pep talk from Bailey, which explains the significance of her being cast as Meredith, Burke's secret is almost out.

However, conceived and introduced as an antagonizing presence. How. Through the se.

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Callie lets him know that they will be having dinner with her father, but George does not make a good impression, being hung over after last night's events. Meredith looks tarte tatin witlof koolhydraatarm a girl who has been separated from her mother after the accident, but accidentally falls into the water and drowns, with nobody but the little girl as a witness.

The third season had 12 roles receiving star-billing, with 10 returning from the previous season, of whom 9 were part of the original cast.

Download as PDF Printable version. Many new people guest star in the course of Addison's road trip to California.

Meredith Grey Sandra Oh as Dr.

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